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Rapid emergency repair in Geneva - Vaud - Glazier - Stores

BK VERRE SA is specialized in glass troubleshooting. In the event of burglary or broken glass, the glaziers-dépanneurs intervene quickly and with precision. The glazing also manufactures tailor-made lenses adapted to all structures and according to your needs. Glass can address safety concerns such as gun-resistant and burglary-resistant laminated glass. The repair of blinds is also part of the offer of Interventions are made on all types of solar shades or brands. Contact BK VERRE SA for your window repair emergencies as well as blinds in Geneva!


Custom design


For your broken windows, doors or windows Building facade - glass profilit Your veranda, your marquee, your glazed roof or your velux Fire protection glazing (fire-resistant glass) For your greenhouse or mirrors - custom shower door Renovation of your old windows with new insulating glasses Balcony railing and glass terrace Steps of stairs in glass Window shop Provisional and final repair Glass table - engraved mirrors - sanding - bevelling - polishing Locksmith cylinder change Glass Kitchen Credenza - Large Selection of Color Glasses Tempered safety glass - laminated glass and laminated anti-bullet glass Burglar-proof glass - armored glass for jewelers with alarm Glass for fireplace Neoceram. All types of work, locksmithing, carpentry ...


We manufacture your special glass and insulated glass, double and triple for replacement within 48 hours. Professional work, We intervene in the canton of Geneva and Vaud canton "Lausanne" for all types of glazing, mirrors, locksmiths and carpentry works


Burglary: theft

Insulated double glazing

@double vitrage

Triple insulated glazing

@triple vitrage

Armored double glazing

@double vitrage blindé

Insulating renovation window

@rénovation fenetre geneve

Bay window - Double and triple glazing

@renovation fenetre
@baie vitrée

Dépannage urgence table en verre

@table en verre

Dépannage Miroir salle de bain - fitness - commerce

@dépannage miroir salle de bain fitness

Emergency glazier's assistance 24/7

@dépannage vitrier urgence

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